Social Dynamics – Pop the Red Pill and See the Matrix?

Cash is purported to rule everything around us – Wu Tang Clan’s CREAM principle – dolla dolla bill y’all.   Actually cash doesn’t rule over all – social dynamics rules everything.  That includes who gets the cash, the power, and the girl(s);  note the three usually go together.

This is good news and bad news.

Bad news, because social dynamics befuddle the average benchwarmer.

Good news, because social dynamics, once understood, can be managed, manipulated, and maximized by the skillful player.

The Social Matrix integrates every aspect of human existence to determine winners and losers.  This includes social IQ, emotional IQ, charm, attraction, image management, relationship building, strategy, humility, and self-awareness.

Natural Players often excel in charm and attraction.  These are obviously their strengths.  Over-reliance on these things is their weakness – eventually undermining their impact.

Wannabe Players can make varsity.  But only if they humbly study, and then apply.  Strength and courage are required to persevere through trial and error. Gaining mastery across all social disciplines equips the Wannabe to eventually overtake the Naturals.

The humanities and social sciences can do the “coaching up.”  Philosophy, mythology, religion provide the foundation.  Anthropology, sociology, psychology, poly sci, and literature provide the advanced techniques.  Neuroscience and physiology also come into play.

So if Social Dynamics is the game, what’s the scoreboard?  Social Status.

Every interaction involving two or more has a ranking among the players.  This is completely fluid, situationally.  A well timed joke, a pair of cowboy boots, the right body language, tone, and eye contact, a push and a pull, combined with deep industry knowledge and preparation can enable a junior analyst, sitting in the right seat, to steal the situational Alpha rank from a CEO.

In other words, Frame Control.  Who controls the Frame, controls everything.  More on Frames later.

But dare you take the Red Pill?  Do you want to see the matrix?  Think carefully.  Neurosis and semi-comfort from merely playing the Game and a little bit of the Game within the Game, Politics, might actually be easier.

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One response to “Social Dynamics – Pop the Red Pill and See the Matrix?

  1. taterearl

    “But dare you take the Red Pill? Do you want to see the matrix?”

    Or do you want to be Pilate and ask “What is red pill?”

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