The Playbook – Inner Game

“The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled.” Andrew Carnegie

You suck (I assume, if you are reading this blog…to fix your suckiness). And that sucks. So let’s quit sucking. Let’s be awesome. It’s much easier than you think. You just need to free your mind and the rest will follow (wealth, fame, glory – though if you follow the following precisely you may end up not wanting these things).

Inner Game – A person’s organization of self. A composition of their values, state of being, human energy, self-perception and -awareness, life philosophy, value set, consciousness, totality of desires, and personal presence.

The ideal inner game state removes negative energy, enhances relationships, and leads to clarity of thought and speedy, effective judgement. Problems begin to solve themselves, people are drawn to your presence. Your calmness, positivity, and self-confidence will lead to a huge status increase. You can trust your instinct, your gut. You become so awesome and effective it’s just not even fair for those other corporate noobs.

Fix your suck:

Step 1. Quiet Down – Stoicism – Nervous energy sucks. Neuroticism sucks. The ancient Greek and Roman Stoic philosophers figured out how to hack their brains. I’ll introduce you to Seneca, Emperor Nero’s right hand man (before he went crazy), who got rich, ran the Unholy Roman Empire, partied like a rock star, and got banished twice for seducing imperial princesses. All while keeping his swag on full with tranquility and joy.

Step 2. Quit Try-harding – Outcome Independence – By wanting anything, like a business goal, you give that thing power over you. Screw that. You are a free man – give nothing power of you. Live like Janis Joplin: “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” This advice works really well with seducing the ladies (in an HR-approved manner of course) as well as baddassing your way to the top. Isolate process from outcome = power.

Step 3. Positive Energy Flow –  Negativity of any kind depletes your vitality, makes you petty. Noobs flailing around in the Game within the Game – Politics – are marked by pettiness, gossip, hate. I know haters gonna hate, but we don’t want to be that. Winning the Game w/in the Game w/in the Game requires pure, unadulterated positivity.

Step 4. Know Thyself/Be Thyself – We are not talking about your sucky self, here, rather your best self. Figure out your strengths, forget about your weakness. Your energy level and work/life satisfaction soars, your “lose” button stops working, you get stuck on “win.”

Step 5. Live in the Moment – Noobs are neurotic basket cases, always fearing the future and fretting the past. Not you, slayer of management objectives. You are in the present, with every neuron, cell and drop of blood, sweat, and testosterone. People feel more alive in your presence, because you are fully “present.”

Step 6. Give It Away Now – Abundance Frame – The Red Hot Chili Peppers were on to something – give energy and value away and it will be returned to you multiplied over.

Notice, nowhere did I say forsake your goals. Nowhere did I say let people walk on you. Nowhere did I say slack off. Nowhere did I say don’t care passionately about your team’s success. Nowhere did I say forget about the long run.

Execute: make the quarter. I work on Wall Street. If you miss the quarter, we collectively execute you (which is the same as crushing your stock if you are a CEO).

Have a Strategy: make the year.  I’m a long term growth investor.  Make the quarter, make the year, while investing for growth in years 2-5.

So the above is a more detailed intro to some of the concepts espoused by the deep thinkers I referenced in the last post. There’s plenty more to come on this. I bring them up now, before fully introducing the entire framework for this corporate Playbook for two reasons. One, I’m bizcoaching some sales guys at a certain LA-based media company soon on this specific agenda. And I wanted to give a preview of how philosophy and psychology can rock the workplace.

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