Get Lucky.

horseshoeBetter to be lucky than good, they say.  BS: be good to get lucky.

Luck, dear noobs, increases with a solid offense.  The blocking and tackling of luck include Presence, Awareness, Instinct, and Courage.

 Luck is not random chance.  Good things happen to a lucky person more often than an unlucky person.  Why?  What makes lucky people lucky?

“The more we know, the luckier we’ll get…the closer we are, the luckier we’ll get.”  Jack Reacher

Being lucky really is a set of values that raise the chances of success between players of otherwise equal skill and experience.

1.  Presence – simple, show up.  The more you show up; the more chances you have to get lucky.  Don’t show up, and you will never get lucky.

2.  Awareness – be consciously present, fully in the moment.  Center all your awareness in the situation and the people.  Or you miss luck’s whisper.

3.  Instinct – Your sub rational decision making process guides subtles maneuvering that draws luck to you.

“His instincts were buried beneath all that cerebral stuff.”  Jack Reacher

4.  Courage – Once the lucky moment arrives, boldly step into it.  Fortune favors the bold.

Simple, eh?  The people you know who seem lucky, possess some combination of these traits.  Spend time with them.  Observe.  What do you see?  Great timing, uncanny knowledge of the game within the game, they gain advantage effortless, while periodically taking aggressive action.  They have that quicksilver, that “subtle something that somehow anomalously does its duty” as Melville describes in Moby Dick.

Luck is infectious, as is misfortune:  “Recognize the fortunate so that you may choose their company, and the unfortunate so that you may avoid them.  Misfortune is usually the crime of folly, and among those who suffer from it there is no malady more contagious: never open your door to the least of misfortunes, for, if you do, many other will follow its train…Do not die of another’s misery.”  Baltasar Gracian

But don’t be a try-hard.  Remain stoic, be lucky but don’t “wear yourself out to get rich, cast but a glance at riches.”  For as Melville forewarns Ahab in his quest to slay the White Whale:

“Be sure of this, O young ambition, all mortal greatness is but disease.”

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